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We are the quality manufacturer of Pure Lead, Lead Alloys, Re-Melted Lead and Polypropylene Chips. Besides, we are the importer of Battery Plate Scrap, Lead Scrap, Lead Ash, Dry Battery Scrap, Lead Ore and Lead Concentrate and exporter of Pure Lead, Lead Alloys, Polypropylene Chips, Remelted Lead Ingots / Blocks.

We have state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Ethiopia that meets out ecological norms rigorously. In our contemporary facility we carry-out Recycling of Lead Acid Battery Scrap and Smelting of Lead Concentrate to produces Lead Ingots & Polypropylene Chips/Granules.

We are committed to providing the Clients with a competitive advantage through a continuous process of quality advancement in all areas of our performance. Such commitment is evinced by our well established formalized Quality Management System accredited with ISO.

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